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The average American spends two to three years of their life waiting in line. If you add in the time spent waiting for a phone call, a job offer,  your wife to get ready, etc. -- you're now talking about a hell of a long time spent waiting. Let's face it, waiting is no fun, but today we can be connected with mobile devices and actually get work done, or entertain ourselves. There are even new mobile apps that may make waiting in line a thing of the past. Just queue up virtually and arrive at the time specified, no physical presence necessary.

That day cannot come soon enough.

But in the meantime, ease the pain by listening to this kickin' playlist of songs about waiting.

This playlist features 31 songs that are the perfect addition to your iPod. You can listen the next time you find yourself with a delayed flight, at the DMV, or waiting in line at the Apple store.

What would you add?

Waiting Songs

1. I'm Waiting For The Man - The Velvet Underground
2. Waiting on a Friend - The Rolling Stones
3. The Waiting - Tom Petty
4. Waiting For The Sun - The Jayhawks
5. The Wait - The Pretenders
6. Waitin' For The Bus - ZZ Top
7. Waiting For The End Of The World - Elvis Costello
8. Waiting For The Bus - Violent Femmes
9. Waitin' On The Sky - Steve Earle
10. Waiting On The World To Change - John Mayer
11. Waiting For The Rapture - Oasis
12. Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards - Billy Bragg
13. The Waiting Room - Genesis
14. Waiting for the The Kid To Come Out - Spoon
15. Waiting For The Moon To Rise - Belle and Sebastian
16. The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar - Bob Dylan
17. Waiting For The Miracle - Leonard Cohen
18. What The World Is Waiting For - The Stone Roses
19. Waiting For The Snake - Motorhead
20 Waiting For A Girl Like You - Foreigner
21. Waiting For The Worms - Pink Floyd
22. Waiting - Cake
23. She's Waiting - Eric Clapton
24. Waiting On A Sign - Ben Harper
25. Still Waiting - Prince
26. I've Been Waiting For You - Neil Young
27. America Is Waiting - Brian Eno/David Byrne
28. Tired of Waiting - The Kinks
29. Waiting So Long - Supertramp
30. Waiting For The Sirens' Call - New Order
31. I'll Wait - Van Halen

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