‘Voice U.K.’ Star Vince Kidd Wins the Endorsement of Mitch Winehouse, Jessie J, Reality Rocks

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Platinum-coiffed electro-crooner Vince Kidd, who sort of reminds me of an English Sam Sparro, a much dirrtier Will Young, or maybe a male Robyn, hugely impressed on "The Voice U.K." this past weekend, with his sultry, creative "Like A Virgin" cover--inspiring all four coaches' chairs to swivel around, and eventually joining the team of fellow flamboyant diva Jessie J. But interestingly, Vince already had a connection to another famous British songstress.

According to U.K. paper The Sun, Vince met his idol Amy Winehouse before her death, after a chance meeting with her father, jazz-singing taxi driver Mitch Winehouse. "I met [Mitch] before at a wedding," Vince told The Sun. "I was singing and he was like, 'You sound a bit like my daughter.' I was like, 'I love your daughter,' and he said, 'Come to my birthday party and I'll introduce you.' I remember the first time I heard Amy, she had such an impact on me. I'm just so grateful that I got to meet her and tell her how much she inspired me."

Mitch reportedly contacted Vince this weekend to congratulate him, after seeing Vince's successful "Voice U.K." audition. Vince told Amy's dad, "I learnt from the best."

This was not Vince's first go-'round on a British singing competition: In 2007, under his real name, Matthew Protheroe, and with a very different persona, he made it to the live rounds of "The X Factor U.K." with a boy band called Futureproof. But he says it was Amy Winehouse who inspired him to follow his solo musical dream.

So hands up, who wants to hear this cool Kidd do "Back To Black" or "Rehab" during the "Voice U.K" Battle Rounds? In the meantime--and while I'm desperately trying to figure out how to get BBC1 on my American cable box--watch Vince's sick 'n' sexy original music video below.

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