‘The Voice’ Top 4 Results: Hunte-ing High & Low

Lyndsey Parker
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Good news came early for Team Blake on this Tuesday's "Voice" results show, when Blake Shelton's contestant Terry McDermott was the first to make it through to next week's top three finale, and then Terry's teammate, Cassadee Pope, also got the all-clear from Carson Daly. Neither result was a shock, and it certainly won't be a shock if either of these season-long frontrunners win next week, either.

It also wasn't a surprise which of the two remaining contestants--both members of Team Cee Lo--joined Terry and Cassadee in the top three. In my opinion, it was the right one. It was Nicholas David, the hippie family man with the old soul and heart of gold, who made it through--meaning that Trevin Hunte, whose elimination had seemed like an inevitability for some time now, went home in fourth place.

Cee Lo's chosen one had actually seemed utterly unstoppable earlier this season, but the cracks in his armor started to show a few weeks ago, when he decided to take a risk and veer away from his usual balladry. His cover of Usher's "Scream" that night was borderline-embarrassing, and it was the first time he'd ever been less than perfect on the show--and it indicated that he was really only an old-fashioned balladeer, despite his youth. I am not sure if Trevin ever fully recovered from that stumble. Yes, his second attempt at doing something uptempo was a bit more successful, but it was very corny--though I guess that's what happens when your coach forces you to cover Katrina & The Waves.

No disrespect to Trevin, an undeniably gifted singer, but his performance of the maudlin 1989 Bette Midler ballad "Wind Beneath My Wings" (a song in no way suited for an 18-year-old man) sealed his fate this week. It just was not the performance of a young and modern recording artist, or of a winner--the winner of "BET's Sunday Best," maybe, but not the winner of "The Voice." He came across as fuddy-duddy, and he managed to make an older, retro-style contestant like Nicholas (or Terry) seem totally current by comparison. When Trevin's "Wings" recording stalled at number 34 on the iTunes chart this Monday--while Cassadee went to number one, Terry to number two, and Nicholas to number four--it was pretty obvious how this week's votes would play out.

However, perhaps Trevin needn't worry about his post-"Voice" future. On Tuesday's results show, three Season 2 finalists, all of whom did not win--Juliet Simms, Chris Mann, and RaeLynn--performed, and they must have given hope to any "Voice" contestant who never made it all the way. Juliet, who is now managed by her old coach Cee Lo, totally rocked it in a faux fur cape and pleather hotpants, belting out her ferociously glam single "Wild Child"; Chris gave a note-perfect performance of "Roads" and then oh-so-casually mentioned that he'd recently sung for President Obama; and RaeLynn...well, even she wasn't bad, and kudos to her for getting to co-write her first single, "Boyfriend," at such a young age (with two other "Voice" castoffs, Nicolle Galyon and the Line's Hailey Steele).

But what about this season's final three? Well, as I alluded to a few paragraphs ago, Terry and Nicholas have their own issues when it comes to establishing their circa-2012 relevance. But I think Nicholas's duet last week with Melanie Martinez on Fiona Apple's "Criminal"--the first time since his Knockout Rounds performance of "Put Your Records On" that he'd covered any song from even the past 15 years on this show--proved he has some versatility. And when Terry quite capably performed Icelandic indie band Of Monsters And Men's "Little Talks" with Cassadee this Tuesday, he proved that he's more than just a classic rocker stuck in the '60s/'70s/'80s. (Of Monsters And Men were actually in the audience Tuesday, nodding approvingly.) Terry also outsang Cassadee, in my opinion...but it remains to be seen if he can do that when it really counts next week.

Tune in Monday to see the final three compete one last time!

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