‘Voice’ Star Jamie Lono Serves It Up at Yahoo!

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Coach Cee Lo Green built arguably the strongest team this season on "The Voice," but unfortunately, he made the Red Zone just a little less red-hot when, during the Battle Rounds, he placed adorable sandwich-maker Jamie Lono in the ring with an "American Idol" veteran and early fan favorite, Jamar Rogers. The song chosen for that particular battle, Foreigner's "I Wanna Know What Love Is," was a much better fit for Jamar's belty style, and so Jamar emerged victorious. But if Jamie had been pitted against a more suitable opponent, he probably could have gone very far. Many "Voice" fans, myself among them, were quite sad to see Jamie and his amazing technicolor spectacles leave the show so soon.

But Jamie has done quite all right since his premature exit from "The Voice" Season 2. He launched a very successful Kickstarter campaign, so that all those fans eager to hear more music from him could help fund his upcoming album, and he recently stopped by Yahoo! to chat with me and play a few of his soulful, supercool originals. So I have a feeling he won't be going back to the sandwich shop any time soon, and that he'll only be serving up great music from now on.

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