The Voice, The Day After: Season 4, Live Playoffs Pt. 1 Dish

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)
May 7, 2013

Last night, "The Voice" Season 4 Live Playoffs commenced with Team Adam and Team Usher, and Adam Levine proved he still has the team to beat. While Adam's contestants performed well--and (this is important) performed songs that made sense for their individual styles--Usher's contestants mostly floundered, as they were sabotaged by song choices that were either overly challenging (Muse, Whitney Houston) or just playing boring (Phil Collins???). Only Michelle Chamuel stood out as a top contender and Team Usher's real hope.

Today, my "The Day After" co-host Matt Whitfield and I talk about last night's "Voice" in the video below. And pardon the interruptions from my nearby beeping phone--those guys in Midas Whale just couldn't stop texting me about their Kickstarter campaign!

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