The Voice, The Day After: Season 4, Knockout Rounds Pt. 2 Dish

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Last night, "The Voice" Season 4 Knockout Rounds continued and concluded, and today, it's a hard-Knockout life for us. My "The Day After" co-host Matt Whitfield and I are feeling quite disgruntled, since on Tuesday even more of our early favorites (Luke Edgemon, Grace Askew, Jess Kellner, Savannah Berry) went home. Yes, the Knockout Rounds are always tough, but this week's "Voice" episodes have really knocked the wind out of our proverbial sails.

Oh well. Let's hope that the best of this season's surviving top 16 prevail when the Live Playoffs commence next Monday. In the meantime, come commiserate with me and Matt, as we move through all the stages of post-show grief--denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and (grudging) acceptance--in our chat about last night's controversial "Voice" episode.

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