The Voice, The Day After: Season 4, Episode 5 Dish

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

On Monday, "The Voice" Season 4 continued with more Blind Auditions, and while a few strong singers made it through, my "The Day After" cohost Matt Whitfield and I are more focused on the ones who got robbed: Jane Smith, who really should have been picked for a team, and former "Sing-Off" contestant Amy Whitcomb, who was recruited for Team Adam but didn't have her entire audition shown in full. Montages suck!

Today, Matt and I discuss last night's contenders--and, with only one night of Blind Auditions left, and only four open slots (one per team) left to fill, we also assess where all the teams stand so far. Feel free to leave your own comments below, too!

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