The Voice, The Day After: Season 4, Episode 2 Dish

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Last night, "The Voice" Season 4 continued with more Blind Auditions, and among the successful contenders was a wonderfully familiar face: Jon Peter Lewis, who nine long years ago was a top 10 contestant on "American Idol" Season 3. Will "The Voice," arguably a show much more suited to JPL's uniquely quirky talents, give him the second chance he so deserves? My "The Day After" cohost Matt Whitfield and I certainly hope so.

But JPL and his new duo Midas Whale were hardly the only standouts last night. Season 4's second episode was chock-full of talent and refreshingly light on filler, as promising contestants like throwback-country crooner Tawnya Reynolds, blue-eyed-soulman Josiah Hawley, Latina diva Cathia, and the just-plain-amazing Sarah Simmons all rocked the mic...and rocked our worlds. Watch me and Matt discuss last night's stellar talent (and stellar new coaches) in our latest chatfest below!

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