The Voice, The Day After: Season 3, Episode 2 Dish

Lyndsey Parker
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Monday night, "The Voice" Season 3 got off to a solid start...but last night's mere hour-long follow-up episode didn't quite deliver the goods, with an annoying emphasis on over-the-top sob stories instead of actual over-the-top performances, and very few performances of any quality, in general. (A not-so-grand total of five contestants made it through.) So this was hardly the momentum-maintaining episode needed to keep viewers tuned in for a third consecutive episode tonight, as "The Voice" goes blonde-head-to-blonde-head with "The X Factor's" big, Britney-centric Season 2 premiere.

But hey, that's what DVRs are for, right? My "Day After" co-host Matt Whitfield and I will still be watching, of course, in the ultimate selfless act of TV multitasking. And a couple of last night's standouts, Aquile and Mackenzie Bourg, will thankfully keep us tuning in during the weeks to come.

Watch us gab all about last night's meh "Voice" episode in the video above, and come back for our (hopefully-not-meh) "X Factor" premiere chatter tomorrow!

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