The Voice, The Day After: Knockout Rounds Dish, Pt. 2

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)
October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween, everyone! Except, it's not such a happy Halloween today for me and my "The Day After" co-host, Matt Whitfield, despite the awesomely D.I.Y. Melanie Martinez costume I'm wearing. Honestly, Matt and I are both feeling as murderous as Jason Voorhees today, because last night during "The Voice's" part 2 Knockout Rounds, another cool Season 3 girl, Suzanna Choffel, was horrifyingly eliminated by her coach, true villain Blake Shelton.

But that wasn't the only scream-inducing decision of the night: Many other worthy contenders (Aquile, MarissaAnn, Chevonne) also got the axe from both Blake and Christina Aguilera. It was a real bloodbath. And it was no thriller.

Watch our Halloween-themed rant 'n' rave above, if you dare...and leave your own evil thoughts on the messageboard below!

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