The Voice, The Day After: Battle Rounds Pt. 2 Dish with Special Guest Nakia

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Last night, "The Voice's" exciting Battle Rounds continued, and here today to help me discuss last night's episode, and his own "Voice" journey, is one of my Season 1 "Voice" favorites: the one and only Nakia! Yes, I am in Austin this week for South By Southwest, so I figured this was a perfect occasion for me to invite local Austin hero Nakia to my hotel room for a video chat. (That's not as sordid as it sounds!)

Watch my guest co-host Nakia and I discuss Jamar vs. Jamie, Lindsey vs. Lee, and (most candidly) Charlotte vs. Nakia's good friend Lex, in a special on-location "Day After" here!

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