‘Voice’ Battle Rematch! Pip & Nathan Parrett Square Off on “Roar vs. Brave”

Lyndsey Parker
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On Season 2 of "The Voice," bow-tied fan favorite Pip Arnold and floppy-haired crooner Nathan Parrett faced off during the Battle Rounds on Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good." Both Team Adam singers were actually quite good, but only one of them left the ring victorious: Pip.

But apparently there were no hard feelings between the two, as they've since become roommates in Los Angeles and have teamed up for a series of viral cover videos. Their latest clip, however, is a rematch of sorts, as they take sides in one of the great battles in current pop music: Sara Bareilles's "Brave," which was released in April 2013, vs. Katy Perry's new single "Roar," which many pundits claim rips off Sara's song.

Nathan takes on Katy's roaring role, while Pip bravely sings "Brave." The resulting mashup is so adorable, I can't decide who the winner is. Let's just call this one a tie.

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