‘The Voice’ Alum Xenia Does Team Blake Proud In Debut Video

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

Sweet, shy teenager Xenia never exhibited much stage presence when she was on Season 1 of "The Voice"--as the youngest and most inexperienced contestant among the top eight, she often seemed nervous and totally out of her depth. But there was never any denying her, well, voice. Her vocals had a lovely, fragile-but-smoky quality that her mentor, Blake Shelton, simply fell in love with--and the rest of America might now finally follow suit, if Xenia's debut single and video, "Sing You Home," actually receives some decent promotion. The song is surprisingly strong and sultry, and Xenia sounds sublime, even a bit like a baby Adele in parts:

Sadly, none of the "Voice" contestants have been adequately promoted post-show (even the winner, Javier Colon, debuted at an unimpressive number 134 on the Billboard chart with his latest album), so who knows if Xenia's single or recently released EP will ever get the chance to connect with a wide audience. But hopefully that will be the case. Xenia may not have been quite ready for prime time when she was on "The Voice" last year, but judging from the sound of "Sing You Home," she sure is now. Go Team Blake!

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