Visiting The PYYRAMIDS

Dave DiMartino
The New Now (NEW)

One of this year’s most tasteful and unexpected pleasures is surely Brightest Darkest Day, the debut album from PYYRAMIDS--whose appearance at this year’s South By Southwest conference proved them to be an equally captivating live band.

A collaborative effort between OK Go bassist Tim Nordwind and He Say, She Say singer Drea Smith, PYYRAMIDs have been described by some as “Billie Holiday fronting the Smiths”—which, as outrageous as that might sound, is not stylistically off the mark. The same energies the latter band is famed for providing permeate many of the textures of Brightest Darkest Day—not to mention some of the more tasteful, upbeat groups to be had on the 4AD Records roster of the late ‘90s—but all is capped with the rich and soothing vocals of Smith, who provides a textural depth that makes the album a very worthy candidate for repeated listening.

In stripped-down acoustic setting, PYRRAMIDS are equally appealing, as you’ll discover here in this great session Y! Music captured in our Austin headquarters last month. Most notable might have been their mesmerizing performance of “Paper Doll”-- which is gorgeous here and, sonically, considerably more refined than the pounding and appealing version to be found on Brightest Darkest Day, which we strongly suggest you also check out.

If the best part of the yearly SXSW experience is finding a new and worthwhile band you’ve never heard before, we think PYYRAMIDS are high on the list of new bands to watch out for. Just give them a listen.