Funny Viral Video Reveals That Idol Casey Abrams Is “Homeless”

Lyndsey Parker
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Remember Casey Abrams, the lovable, melodica-tooting, standup-bass-slapping, shaggy jazzbo from "American Idol" Season 10? He's one of "Idol's" most unforgettable alums, of course, but he's kept a low profile as of late. So when he suddenly appeared on TMZ this Wednesday, lying in his own filth and alongside a giant stuffed gorilla on an L.A. sidewalk, it was cause for alarm. Or maybe just cause for amusement.

The bizarre TMZ story coincided with a flurry of supposedly concerned tweets from many of Casey's Season 10 castmates, all with the hashtag #wherescasey.

"@IAmCaseyAbrams, you're not answering your phone, I'm worried! Where are you!?!?" tweeted James Durbin. "I could've sworn I just saw @IAmCaseyAbrams picking his nose on Hollywood Blvd. Dude, was that you?" posted Pia Toscano. "Getting worried. I've been looking 4 my homie w/ the gigantic beard & long hair (kinda favors Jesus), goes by @IAmCaseyAbrams?" tweeted Naima Adedapo. "I'm pretty sure I saw @IAmCaseyAbrams passed out under a 'Live Nude' sign on Sunset Blvd--he was all goo'ed up on the goo balls," said Paul McDonald. "Where's Casey?? …WHERE'S CASEY?!??! I'll tell you where he is, on Sunset and La Cienega! Being a bum," posted Casey's frequent duet partner, Haley Reinhart. "It's my friend @IAmCaseyAbrams' bday today, and I still haven't talked to him," tweeted Jacob Lusk.

And even Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery got in on the act, with: "Been texting and calling @IAmCaseyAbrams all day… somebody said they saw him climbing through dumpsters in downtown Hollywood?!"

(The following video contains strong language)

This all led up to the new viral video above, starring Haley, Paul, Season 6 "Idol" runner-up Blake Lewis, and Tenacious D's Jack Black, depicting Casey as a sewer-dwelling, down-on-his-luck crazyman and ultimate "Idol" cautionary tale. But before any Casey fans get too worried and stage an intervention, do consider the possibility that this was all just a very elaborate (and very clever) marketing plan for Casey's new official music video, "Get Out":

Yes, Casey may be crazy, but he's obviously crazy like a fox.

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