Vinny From ‘Jersey Shore’ Wisely Had Second Thoughts About His Rap Career

Daniel Kreps
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When the worlds of reality TV and pop music collide, the results are never good. For example, when Kim Kardashian collaborated with The-Dream, or every Real Housewife that thinks they can sing. Earlier today, Vinny from 'Jersey Shore' tried his hand at hip-hop by posting a song called "Rack City Mix." (Was he jealous of DJ Pauly D's career?) Maybe it was the influx of disparaging comments, or maybe it was because Vinny pressed play and was embarrassed by what he sounds like rapping, but he immediately took down his debut track, but not before TMZ was able to transcribe some of the lyrics...

"I've got a date for ya, and it's in my pants," Vinnie raps on "Rack City," a song about picking up a stripper. "I like your crack girl, I wanna take a hit. Yeah, I'm takin' it, I'mma get you naked b----." There's also the very ill-advised lyric, "Actin' like I'm raping it." It's too bad the Staten Island-bred Vinny wasn't born two decades earlier, because with rhymes like that, there's no doubt he would've been recruited to join Shaolin's Wu-Tang Clan. We can't give Vinny all the credit for dreaming up this tune; "Rack City" is most likely his version of the Tyga song of the same name.

The world is probably a better place with "Rack City Mix" removed from YouTube. Vinnie should just stick with what he knows, like working out, tanning, and spouting nonsensical ramblings with Pauly D.