Video Premiere: Idol Hollie Cavanagh Makes Debut With “Outer Limit”

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

"American Idol" fans will remember Hollie Cavanagh, the tiny girl with the huge voice, from Season 11…and from Season 10. Although she started off as an underdog on the show — letting nerves almost sabotage her first audition in 2011, before returning the following year — she eventually made it all the way to Season 11's top four.

Now Hollie is ready to release original music, and although she was born in Liverpool, England, it's clear that her recent move to Los Angeles (where she's working on her debut album) has transformed her into a bona fide California girl.

Hollie's sunshiny first music video, "Outer Limit," features her joining her gal pals on the ultimate West Coast road trip, and it's the perfect pop video for summer. Check out the premiere of "Outer Limit" here on Yahoo! Music, before you can see it anywhere else!

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