Video Premiere: Hammered Satin Bring the Glam in “Emily”

Lyndsey Parker
The New Now

On their Facebook page, rising Hollywood glam-rock combo Hammered Satin list their influences as "glitter and flash, Sniggin Piggin satin couture, alter egos, interplanetary space-crafts, optical illusions, Friday nights at The Vine Bar in Hollywood and Lady Starlight's English Disco in New York, Chemin de Fer jeans and mirrored sunglasses, tennis dates, feather boas, thunder and lightning shows, dapper dandyism, astral projections, witty repartee, dancing all night in platform snakeskin boots, The Rainbow Room at Biba, rhinestone palm trees and geckos, Packard-driving '30s gangsters, and inherent star quality."

Well, okay, then! All of these influences are glitteringly apparent in Hammered Satin's new bellbottomed, boa-swathed video for "Emily," premiering right here on Yahoo! Music. The band, signed to tastemaker L.A. indie label Burger Records, is digging into the velvet goldmine and bringing back wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am glam in a way not seen since the Darkness believed in a thing called love, so put on your platforms and boogie down to these Satin dolls' groovy, glitter-dusted rock 'n' roll now.