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John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

We were working on this week's blog -- to be candid with you, sometimes we work pretty hard on this blog -- when a thought popped into our head.

"Framed is beloved in America and all the other enlightened, English-speaking countries," the thought went. "But how do people who live in places where they don't speak English regard this very fine work?"

It was a difficult thought! In fact, our very next thought was "Go away, thought!"

But it wouldn't! Thoughts can be troubling!

While this was going on, we were going through Vevo, Y! Music's new, excellent partner in videoness, and absentmindedly typed "video" into the Vevo search box. And, lo, it turned out that there's a band named Video.

A Polish band named Video. A band that speaks Polish and sings in Polish that is actually named Video.

Wow, we thought. Is this the synchronicity Sting sung of so eloquently? We didn't know, but maybe!

So, to cut to the chase, our video this week is "Sroda Czwartek," by the Polish group, Video. In English, the title is "Wednesday, Thursday." It's a super good video, and a pretty good song, too, as you'll surely say after hearing it. And, heck, over a million people have viewed it at Vevo.

A million Eastern Europeans, of hardy peasant stock, no doubt, but what the hell.

So, in the end, it's actually no wonder that Framed is pretty much everybody's favorite blog! We not only go the extra mile, we go the extra 1.60 kilometers for all the world's people.

Nie ma za co!

1 -- "OK, this may hurt 'cause I have to polka. Er, polk ya."

2 -- "Wait a minute. Is this a 'knock knock' joke or a Polish joke? Script!"

3 -- "We are featured in bigtime internets blog! Is big break for Video! So we drop the pants, yes?"

4 -- "I not go back with you, Stashu; not after you beat me up. Must have been five, maybe even four a.m."

5 -- Traditional Polish sashimi is slow-cooked... and is seafood-free!

6 -- "Hmm. Could lively, accordion-driven tunes in double time actually be the future?"

7 -- How do you know when a Polish guy is dead? He's not bumming drinks any more!

8 -- Potato pancakes can take a long time! Seriously!

9 -- "This must not be boggy marsh in which the Amerykan Lump lives. I am dupek!"

10 -- Now that their scientists have cracked carbonation, Poland's prospects seem limitless!

11 -- (L to R) Neil Sedaka, Liberace, Wally Palmar.

12-- "What a beautiful twilight. Is great time to launch manned mission to sun!"