Vanessa Carlton Reveals the Tragic Cause of Cancelled Tour Dates

Breanne Heldman
Yahoo Music

It's been a sad few weeks for Vanessa Carlton, who first rescheduled and cancelled several shows of her tour, and now is revealing the tragic reason.

In a post on her website, the "A Thousand Miles" songstress explained that the changes to her calendar were the result of a serious medical condition.

"I announced that I was pregnant during the first week of the tour," she writes. "The day after our NYC show on Oct 15th, I was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy, or in my case it was a fallopian pregnancy (the embryo settled in my tube which is the width of a straw)."

But what does that really mean?

"This is not considered a viable pregnancy because the fetus cannot develop and it is a high risk situation for the mother because of the potential for tubal rupture and internal bleeding," Carlton explains. "We caught it relatively early so I was given a shot of Methotrexate, a mild chemotherapy instead of having surgery. This would hopefully shrink the pregnancy and save my tube."

Only, it didn't.

"11 days after the chemo shot and despite our best efforts, my tube started to rupture and I was experiencing internal bleeding." Vanessa was rushed to the hospital, where she was treated successfully. "My doctor performed a successful surgery and removed my entire right fallopian tube," she reveals.

This could have been the end of the sad saga, but unfortunately, it isn't over just yet.

The singer explains that she was all set to head to Vancouver to return to the stage, but "intense nerve pain" in one of her incisions is keeping her close to her medical team in New York and forcing her to cancel the first four dates of her November tour.

"I'm ready to get back out there mentally though and if all goes even remotely as planned I will be ready for San Francisco," she promises.

Even through this whole ordeal, however, Carlton retains her sense of humor. "It is also very important to note that this is the second time I ended up in the ER without underwear!" she quips before adding, "However, upon waking up the next morning in the hospital, and as my doctor was explaining to me what happened the night before, my fiancé showed up. He had flown all night. He had my underwear. My hunter green lace ones:-) I realize I am a lucky woman on many levels here."

If she can have an attitude like that after going through all this, we're fairly certain he is a lucky man as well.