Van Halen, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

The big news in music this month? Van Halen are back... in fact, they're backer than ever... and getting ready to launch a mega tour next month! And, not only that, they have new material — a new LP, A Different Kind of Truth, is due out any minute now!

Knowing that you're just as excited as we are, this week's vid is "Tattoo," an all-new track, and the first single from the new album. It was shot at the venerable Roxy in Hollywood, where the band has also been practicing for the tour.

As a special treat for our readers, Framed had the David Lee Roth of 1984 transferred to the present day and contracted with him to narrate the video! Man, do we have special powers, or what? So, with no further ado, please welcome the Diamond Dave of 27 years ago, and the all-new, all-powerful Van Halen!

Important blog note! Everyone enjoys our good-natured, easygoing humor, of course, and we'd like to take a minute to thank the folks who post on Framed.  We don't do this often any more, but we'd like to respond to a few of the great posts we got on last week's blog featuring Josh Groban.

"Frame #12 ROFL & Frame #8 Sweeney has always been Josh's chick magnet." — Deej Nicoletti

Framed replies: ROFL means "rolling on the floor, laughing." Thanks, Deej!

"very cute tag lines... ain't Josh the GREATEST!." — Aprile

Framed replies: Yes, Aprile. Josh is the greatest!

"Loved the video!!! Really captured a snapshot of the tour. I liked your funny captions!! :D" — Marie

Framed replies: Thanks for taking the time to post, Marie. We'll have Josh back again real soon!

"LOL!" — Sienna

Framed replies: Thanks, Sienna. Did you know you're also a color?

"Very Funny!" — Louise

Framed replies: Very appreciated, Louise!

"Your comments are priceless! :P" — Deej Nicoletti

Framed replies: Not when we invoice Yahoo!, they're not! jk! ("Just kidding!")

1— "Wait a minute! This isn't 1984! I must have time-traveled to 2012! I wonder if we're still rockin'!"

2 — "This place looks weird and futuristic. Maybe I'm at a Rush concert."

3 — "Oh well, I'll conceal these hair plugs thusly, then explore this strange time."

4 — "Wow! Future Me kicked out Ed and replaced him with the great Mike Meyers!"

5 — "And I'm tellin' ya, this chunky kid must've beaten up Michael and stolen his bass. Take a hike, butterball!"

6 — "Woe is us! But what can I do? I'm just a gigolo."

7 — "What's that ruckus offstage? An indecisive checkers player? He might as well jump."

8 — "Perhaps a spritely jig will lighten my mood!"

9 — "Or maybe I'll get the third brother, Parallel Van Halen, to join the band. After all, he's the talented one."

10 — "I agree, Gummo. The Van Halen of 2012 leaves much to be desired!"

11 — "I've gotta get out of this somehow! C'mon, God! Replace me with some non-entity who can strut and pose. May I suggest Sammy Hagar?"

12 — "Or, if not Hagar, how about that guy from the Boston-based band, Extreme? Please?"