Valentine’s Day POPsessions: Hot Chelle Rae Talk First Crushes, First Kisses

Lyndsey Parker
Yahoo Music

Tennessee pop-rock trio Hot Chelle Rae just released "Don't Say Goodnight," the anthemic, romantic new single from their forthcoming third album. So what better time to catch up with the heartthrobs, whose debut album was titled "Lovesick Electric," about the music and musicians they crush on themselves?

Don't say goodnight. Instead, come celebrate Valentine's Day with Ryan Follesé, Nash Overstreet, and Jamie Follesé as they take our Valentine-themed "POPsessions" questionnaire.

Who was your first musical crush?
Jamie Follesé: Britney Spears

What song was playing during your first kiss?
Nash Overstreet: You think I was worried about the song?

What is the best makeout song of all time?
Nash: Anything by Frank Sinatra

What's the best breakup song ever?
Nash: "99 Problems," Jay Z

What song would you want playing during your first wedding dance?
Nash: "All You Need Is Love" (like in "Love Actually")

What love song makes you cry?
Ryan Follesé: "When Doves Cry" (because I'm secretly a dove)

What is your fave album to listen to on a lonely Valentine's Day?
Ryan: Never had one :)

Does the idea of a couple making out to your music flatter you, or just freak you out?
Nash: Flattered, for sure.

What's the sexiest music video of all time?
Nash: "I'm a Slave 4 U," Britney Spears

Who's the coolest couple in music?
Jamie: Jay Z and Beyoncé

What's the most romantic moment in movie history?
Jamie: Climax of "The Notebook"

What romantic movie role do you wish you could play?
Ryan: Mr. Smith

Who is your favorite fairytale princess?
Jamie: Jasmine

What is the most romantic city to visit?
Ryan: Nice, France

Describe your ideal Valentine's Day date.
Ryan: A trip to Nice

Flowers or chocolates?

Do you watch/hate-watch "The Bachelor"?
Nash: Guilty pleasure.

Overall, are you pro- or anti-Valentine’s Day?
Jamie: Pro

If someone did that "Say Anything" boombox thing outside your window, would you be into it, or call the police?
Nash: Depends on who it was!