Usher Faces Off Against…Usher! Check Out Cool New Short Film and Exclusive Interview

Wendy Geller
Stop The Presses! (NEW)

Usher's latest hit "Looking 4 Myself," discusses a personal journey in which a man asks "Who am I?" The singer explores this mystery that we all face at one point or another in our lives in a particularly innovative way, via a new short film he just finished in collaboration with tech giant Samsung

In the 90-second drama, the Voice coach faces off against none other than himself, waging a battle between the "good" Usher and the "celeb" persona version of himself which wreaks havoc in a romantic relationship. The result is a stunning example of creative choreography which shows off the star's strengths in virtually all his artistic areas. All the stunts and moves were done by Usher himself — no shortcuts allowed. The video additionally spotlights cutting-edge motion control technology available in the 2013 Samsung Smart TV...pretty cool stuff.

Reality Rocks editor Lyndsey Parker had the opportunity to discuss the short with Usher, as well as pose the ultimate question: Which side — angel or devil — best represents the real Usher?

"It all depends on who's in front of me," the Voice coach smiles. "I'm the good Usher when I have to be, and the bad Usher when I have to be."

Not too hard to see why this guy is so good at his job, right? Check out this exclusive interview with Usher, and be sure to visit Samsung's YouTube channel for more of-the-moment videos.