Untitled Alt/Indie Songs

Robert of the Radish
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In the visual arts, untitled works are commonplace. Many painters work from emotion or without a set theme in mind during the creation process, and they choose to let the viewer decide the meaning. These works are sometimes simply labeled "untitled". Popular music has its fair share of "untitled" work, but far less so than visual art. There are two reasons for this fact: 1. Most popular music has lyrics from which a title can easily be derived. 2. It's more important for a musician that fans can identify their work by a title than for a visual artist. A painting is immediate, the image itself is an identifier, but for a song you need a way to visually identify it. Thus titles for songs are more important.

Many untitled songs are filler, or instrumental tracks, while others are full-blown songs that just haven't been named.

For this playlist I've included only untitled songs by alt/indie bands.

What have I missed?

Untitled Alt/Indie Songs

1. Untitled - Neutral Milk Hotel

2. Untitled - Blonde Redhead

3. Untitled - The Cure

4. Untitled - Interpol

5. Untitled - Andrew Bird

6. Untitled - Radiohead

7. Untitled - Social Distortion

8. Untitled - Collective Soul

9. Untitled - Smashing Pumpkins

10. Untitled - Andrew Bird

11. Untitled - Guster

12. Untitled - TV On The Radio

13. Untitled - Modest Mouse

14. Untitled - Pretty Girls Make Graves

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