The Ultimate Zombie Party Playlist

Robert of the Radish
The Y! Music Playlist Blog (NEW)

Zombies have enjoyed quite a resurgence over the past few years. Shows like the Walking Dead, movies like World War Z, and zombie race events have helped move the zombie squarely to the top of popular Halloween costume lists.

If you're hosting a zombie-themed Halloween party there are a lot of great decoration and food options available, but no zombie party is complete without a great playlist of zombie songs. That's where this playlist comes in.

For this collection, we've included a plethora of zombie-themed songs, and have interspersed them with zombie apocalypse sound effects. The end result is a no-fuss audio option for your zombie party or event. The playlist includes a lot of songs you would expect to find, but it also includes a great deal of lesser known, but fantastic, zombie related tracks.

So dust off the spirit gum, brain Jell-O® molds, bio-hazard signs, and the yellow crime scene tape, then click the Play button for a gruesome good time.

The Ultimate Zombie Party Playlist
(you may need to scroll to see the whole list)

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