Tupac And Eazy-E Remembered In ‘A Letter 2 My Homiez’

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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The late Eazy-E, Tupac and Mausberg are paid homage on a remix of Gangsta Dresta's previously released "A Letter 2 My Homiez," a bonus track on a new mixtape from respected West Coast veteran King Tee.

Over a sample of Marvin Gaye's moody ballad "I Want You," Dresta, who collaborated with Eazy on the 1993 Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg diss "Real Compton City G's," humanizes each of the deceased rap soldiers.

In his ode to the Ruthless Records head that succumbed to complications from HIV in 1995, Dresta raps about keeping alive Eazy-E's memory. "Some of these other cats try to act like you never was here," he raps.

But Dresta strikes a chord when sharing a personal story about the pioneer hip-hop mogul's son. "Saw ya boy Eric, looking just like you. Had to stare, swear it was you in the chair. I just had to picture you with cornrows in ya hair," he rhymes.

In the song's second verse, Dresta describes the impact Tupac had on the genre. "Realize you was trying to give us hope in ya rhyme," he says on the song before asking the rapper, who was fatally shot in 1996, to "help guide us."

Dresta suggests that the controversial artist found peace after his death. "Bet you right now up in heaven, chillin with Big, Aaliyah and Pun. I bet Malcolm was at the gate and treated you like a son," he said.

In the final verse, Dresta remembers DJ Quik protégé Mausberg, who was killed in 2000. Though Mausberg was known as a fast-rising MC who shined on Quik's "Down Down Down," Dresta uses his verse to describe the rapper's character.

"Whoever killed you, I hope they realize they robbed the world," Dresta raps about Mausberg, who he refers to as his "blood cousin for life." "I know you woulda gave that same cat the shirt off your back."

Though King Tee does not appear on the song on his nostalgic "Still Triflin'" mixtape that features works with Xzibit, Raphael Saadiq, Ras Kass and others, it's great that he put it on the album, it's a fitting closing for the 22-track set.

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