Trace Adkins, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Every now and again, we like to feature a country music video here in Framed. It's because we're a big tent, we are, and we want all of our many, many thousands and millions of readers to feel welcome.

This week we've got Trace Adkins, the "Celebrity Apprentice" finalist, with his 2006 hit, "Ladies Love Country Boys." It's one of his three singles that have hit #1 on the country charts, and you won't be surprised it did. The feel-good, light-spirited video shows Trace being pursued by scores of hot women, who -- despite their urbanity and obvious success -- simply cannot be around a country boy without, well... you know.

"Being amorous." We wanted to put it another way, but this is a family website.

Still, there's no doubt you'll find the whole event tremendously entertaining, or our name isn't Framed. Be back here again next week, when we write yet another intro and another dozen captions and then get really drunk! Life is just a skit!

1 -- Fans were stunned when Trace changed his last name to "Carcinogens In Our Drinking Water."

2 -- It's not easy, seeing a country star -- or, heck, anybody -- get chopped in half by an ill-placed border!

3 -- The Nigerian Cowboy Dummies decided to form a band simply because their name was so good!

4 -- "Did Framed meet its minimum word count already? Why, tha

5 -- Trace's idiosyncrasy -- "seeing if my hat is still there" -- isn't really uncommon!

6 -- "If there is a Starman? I'd say 'waiting in the sky.' Am I close?"

7 -- "Of course I have The App That Corrects History. I married a millionaire genius philanthropist!"

8 -- "It's true! Beyonce totally sucks live!," they said, as one.

9 -- Snips, snails, puppy dog's tails, a primeval, irrational need to dominate... pretty much what you'd expect.

10 -- "Ma'am, do you know I clocked you in a lame-ass country video?"

11 -- Their senses, ever keen, told the dogs there was a way out of this video!

12 -- "Yodeling" is still better than "not yodeling!"