Top Summer Songs of the ’90s

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This is a continuation of our top 10 summer song playlists by decade. To compile each list, I looked at songs that reached the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the months of June, July and August for each year of the decade. Of the number one songs that reached #1 each summer, I selected the song that spent the most weeks on the chart in the top position. In the case of a tie (which was rare), I chose randomly from the songs that tied. The end result is a 10 song playlist of the top summer hits of the decade, one song from each year, listed in chronological order.

The top summer songs of the 1990s were driven by MTV and terrestrial radio, but it's notable because it was the first decade in music history that saw summertime #1 hits from hip-hop artists. Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Puff Daddy & Bone Thugs n Harmony all had top summertime hit songs in the 90s.

R&B and pop artists also scored high with Mariah Carey, All-4-One, TLC, The Essential, Bryan Adams, UB40 and Jennifer Lopez all contributing.

So if you're looking for a nostalgic soundtrack from the summers of the 1990s, you can start right here.

What were your favorite summer songs of the 1990s?

Top Summer Songs of the 90s

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