Top Summer Songs of the ’50s

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This is the first playlist in our series of top 10 summer song playlists by decade. To compile each list, I looked at songs that reached the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the months of June, July and August for each year of the decade. From the collection of songs that reached #1 each summer, I selected the song that spent the most weeks on the chart in the top position. The 1950s was the only playlist in which I had to deviate from this process since the Billboard Hot 100 was not introduced until August of 1958. Before this time, Billboard published three different charts each week. The three charts were based on the "Best Sellers in Stores", "The Most Played By Disc Jockeys" and "The Most Played In Jukeboxes". So, I just chose the songs that appeared the most across the three charts during the summer months.

These are not the top songs ABOUT summer, but rather the most popular songs DURING summer. The 50s were a different time in music. Rock and Roll was being born, and the industry was growing into the juggernaut it would become through the power of radio and television.

Now please note, these are not my personal picks, but the top Billboard hits. So these are truly the songs that were getting the most attention during each summer of the 1950s. Your top summer songs may differ.

So tell us, what were your favorite summer songs of the 1950s?

Top Summer Songs of the 50s

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