Top 10 Reasons One Direction's "Best Song Ever" Is Also Best Video Ever

Stop The Presses!

The official video for One Direction's "Best Song Ever" dropped today, and it's full of little details that have left fans both swooning and in stitches. Oh yeah - and each of the boys dress in disguise. Whether or not you identify as a Directioner, this one's worth a play for 10 huge reasons we've dissected in GIFs.

10. These rejected promo photo shoots...

lovatosvoice | Tumblr

9. ...and the destruction that followed.

whorelloween | Tumblr

8. The hilarious banter between studio execs Jonny and Harvey...

whorelloween | Tumblr

7. ...and the fact that Harvey's got just the right "shape" for tap dance (according to Jonny).

directioner4ever-com | Tumblr

6. The fact that Liam is perrrrrr-fect. In Leroy the choreographer's eyes, at least.

harry-youarebeautiful | Tumblr

5. The undeniable chemistry between Harry and Veronica, the red-hot secretary (a.k.a. Zayn)...

haroldedwardmilwardstyles23 | Tumblr

4. ...between Jonny and Louis, 


haroldedwardmilwardstyles23 | Tumblr

3. ...between Leroy and Liam,

lovatosvoice | Tumblr

2. ...perfectly synced rump shaking in skinny jeans and office wear,

thank-you-o2l | Tumblr

1. ...and this down-low check out. (Don't worry boys, we get it. She's irresistible).