Tito Lopez Compares Hip Hop To ‘The Hunger Games’

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Mississippi rapper Tito Lopez received affirmation that he should title his latest mixtape The Hunger Game when watching the movie The Hunger Games, a story about children fighting until death to win food for their hometowns.

"What was a really a sign from God was a little speech from the movie. They started talking about underdogs and I'm with the underdogs," Tito told The Aftermath hosts Soren Baker and me during his stop at the Yahoo! Music office. "When I seen all these kids killing each other it was just like that spirit of competition we need in hip-hop. I'm not in here trying to kill nobody, let's be clear on that, but when I saw that it just matched."

Watch the full interview to see Tito breakdown his grind that landed him a deal on Capitol Records.

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