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Today we continue the big cat band name theme. Yesterday we published a list of songs by bands named after lions, so the next logical choice was tigers. Both of these big cats represent power and danger, but where the lion wins as the symbol for royalty, the tiger wins as a symbol for masculine sexual prowess. So you can find a great number of bands who have named themselves after tigers.

When it comes to man-eating big cats, tigers stand above all others as they're responsible for more human deaths than any other, by a wide margin. Tigers do not have a taste for human flesh, but scientists believe that as they get older, tigers may turn to humans as prey because we are easy targets. The Sundarbans of Bangladesh is the largest mangrove forest in the world and home 270 Bengal tigers according to a 2011 census. This group of man-eaters was responsible for upward of 100 attacks on humans per year, but this number has been reduced greatly through better wildlife management.

Not sure If I would rather face one of these Sundarban killers, or a full Glass Tiger album. Both are terrible fates.

This playlist includes a dozen songs by bands who fancied the tiger enough to claim them as part of their band's name.

Tiger Bands

1. Someday - Glass Tiger

2. Little Red Cells - Oh! Tiger Mountain

3. Scumbag - My America Is Watching Tigers Die

4. Lay Me - Tiger

5. Woke Up Dead - Steel Tigers Of Death!

6. Where I've Been - Hey Tiger

7. Chestnut - Chocolate Tiger

8. Outlaw Heart - Tiger Army

9. Bam Bam - Tiger

10. The Vulture - Tiger Stripes

11. Your Guts, My Glass - Who Rides The Tiger

12. What's Become Of Me - Flying Tigers

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