The Justin Timberlake Hair Doll

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To celebrate the announcement that Justin Timberlake will be performing solo (for the first time) on the AMAs stage, Nov. 24, here is a cut-out of JT rockin' his suit and tie, flawless smile, and slicked-back… wait…Justin needs some hair.

Shaggy? Mullet? Blond-fro? Bald? Maybe Mr. Timberlake's looks can “murder” all these do's, or maybe these do's murder his looks. Naw, impossible. JT is always bringing "sexy back" no matter the style. See for yourself. Try this fun cut-out, designed by the creator of, Ryan Casey, to see which of these eight hairstyles fits Justin best.

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Tweet or instagram a pic of your fav JT hair look to @TheAMAs. 

Tune in to see Justin Timberlake perform on the AMAs stage on Sunday, Nov. 24th (8:00 PM -11:00 PM ET/PT) on the ABC Television Network.