The Band Perry, Framed

John Kordosh
Yahoo Music

In honor of last week's CMA Awards -- and, boy, didn't (fill in name because we're writing this a few days before the CMAs) bring down the house? You damn right (he/she/they) did!In the spirit of the awards, this week we're welcoming The Band Perry to Framed. The talented trio -- siblings Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry -- were nominated in the Vocal Group of the Year category and (won/were robbed.) Readers will remember they won the CMA's New Artist of the Year in 2011, of course.

Our video this week is last year's "Postcard From Paris," which hit #6 on the Country charts. Our friends at gave the song four stars out of five, calling it "a beautiful song that finds a fresh way to spell love." We don't know about that, but it's pretty entertaining, and our captions, as always, (are funnier than hell/suck beyond belief.)

See you next week!

1 -- Go, Gadget, go!

2 -- "Hey! This is Clarksville! You're the last train! I was supposed to meet somebody here!"

3 -- "See? It says here that our galaxy has 11 billion other Earth-like planets, and they all hate country music."

4 -- "Oh, Marmaduke! What won't you do?"

5 -- "Now that we've shrunk Katy to the size of a pea, we're the biggest Perrys of all."

6 -- "Perhaps we can lure Lady Antebellum out, and then kill them."

7 -- "A tiny pop singer? What the...?"

8 -- Let's face it. The guy on the left has earned his guy-on-the-leftness.

9 -- "So it's agreed? In view of our massive success we will henceforth be 'The Band Perrier.'"

10 -- Could the old "corked, rolled-up newspaper" gag work again?

11 -- "Note to self: 'Buy more notebooks so I can write more notes to self.'"

12 -- Fluffy continues to implore the humans to join forces against their common foe, wind-blown leaves!