The American Music Awards, Framed

John Kordosh
Yahoo Music

It seems fitting that we feature the American Music Awards this week. That's 'cause they were just on TV.

But instead of featuring just one artist, this week's Framed features many of today's greatest stars! Yes, it's every reader's dream come true... a veritable hit parade of stars, all enhanced by our captions!

So kick back and welcome Miley, Gaga, Pitbull, 1D, and all the other super great artists we just saw on the tube. No guarantees, but we'll even try to work in Florida Georgia Line featuring Nellie, 'cause we're in an expansive mood.

Please feel free to post what we're going to call your thoughts, pending verification.


Important blog note! Readers, my time is up. Er, I mean my time here at Y! Music is up. Yep, after 6 ½ years of writing Framed, this is going to be my last blog.

I estimate I've written well over 4,000 captions during my tenure. They were all really funny, too. Especially those Pumpkinhead captions. Not to mention my many very humorous President Obama captions. ("Kenya believe it?")

A man gets to thinking after he's written 4,000+ captions. His foremost thought is: "Jesus, that's a lot of captions." Then he goes and gets a beer and watches some basketball.

I'd like to thank everyone at Y! Music for their generous help in hosting this blog over the years. And I'd particularly like to thank you, the readers, whether you just looked in occasionally or were one of the regulars. I hope I elicited a smile or two. Believe it or not, I got quite a kick out of your comments.

So, adieu, and take care. And have yourself a merry little Christmas.

My best regards,

John Kordosh


1 -- Uberfluff the Space Cat fell asleep! Just like everybody else!

2 -- "Yes! My earrings were designed by Pythagoras!"


3 -- "I'm sorry, but all the library's copies of Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years by Dave DiMartino are out on loan. Fortunately, you can purchase the Kindle edition of Do It Again: The Steely Dan Years by Dave DiMartino at a very reasonable rate."


4 -- Just then, every member of the Tea Party's head exploded.

5 -- So how about Lady Gaga's weight, huh? Anyone else noticed?

6 -- Pitbull's song was really good, and then everybody died.

7 -- "Santa sure likes those reindeer, if you catch my drift."

8 -- The nation's energy future was much more secure with whatever it is Rihanna puts on her hair.

9 -- Christina pretends to emote! Fans pretend to care!

10 -- "The Object From Space says he's getting pretty damn sick of this show!"

11 -- "Well, I'll be. So this is what happened to Gummo!"

12 -- "Talk about irony! The App That Corrects History just eliminated Framed!"