Testament, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

You know what we need more of here in Framed, right, readers?

We need thrash metal. Screw it, we need death metal. We need all sorts of metal to compensate for the grievously poppish music we feature all too often. Anyway, that's what we hear from the kid next door, Charlie.

And seeing that we still owe Charlie's dad for backing over their mailbox with our truck, we've decided that Charlie is probably right.

Rather than feature some humdrum metal group -- heck, we've had Metallica, Motley Crue and others in Framed -- we've decided to get a real group for this week's blog. It's Testament, the great and long-lived band from Berkeley, California. Although their line-up has gone through many changes over the years, they're still revered by fans everywhere.

The brand-new video is from their new album, Dark Roots of Earth; it's called "Native Blood" and it's a rousing statement about the plight of Native Americans. In fact, the vid was filmed on Hopland Indian Reservation in California, and the lyrics deal with singer Chuck Billy's own Native American heritage.

Please enjoy this great new video, and tell all the world that Framed's captions are the best things ever! We'd certainly appreciate it!

1 -- Incredibly, the consequent joke is even too cheap for us!

2 -- "Satan's new app is great!"

3 -- "I wonder how the president's war on religion is going?"

4 -- "And after we invented macramé, the white man pretty much wiped us out."

5 -- "You shall be called 'Boy Who Hears Too-Loud Band Too Often.'"

6 -- One would eat! Two would be eaten!

7 -- "It's the same bird that keeps circling this blog. I wonder if he has a name or a back story."

8 -- Obama finally decided, what the hell, Romney didn't actually need a beach house in La Jolla.

9 -- "Well, the catfish were bitin' over yonder, and the bluegill been hittin' the crawlers of late. Y'say you write a music video/humor/freshwater fishin' blog of some kind?"

10 -- "C'mon! You were totally scissors!"

11 -- "No, no! The good blogs are all over there!"

12 -- "So we agree that this city council endorses America's new culture of dependence, 'cause why not?"