Taylor Swift, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Hello, readers. Once again, it's time to explain this blog: what it is and why it exists. Pull up a chair!

Framed posts a new music video every week. Usually a very popular music video. We watch it and then we watch it again, this time freezing the video in key spots. We cull a still picture -- a frame, if you will -- at that point, and then write a funny caption for it.

See, that's what makes Framed different from the other Y! Music blogs. We actually try to be funny, on purpose. We may not always succeed -- humor is a subjective thing, after all -- but we're always in there, trying. We take this blog very seriously.

Except for last week; we phoned in that one. As you noticed.

This week we welcome back the great Taylor Swift, the gal who's pretty much owned the charts for the last couple of years. We've got her just-released-last-week hit, "22," in which she simply sings about the joys of being a young woman. It's a good song and a good video... light-hearted but meaningful.

Have fun, enjoy Taylor and our captions, and be back next week when things turn deadly serious!

1 -- "I don't actually need the glasses. Much as Peter Parker didn't, as was revealed in The Amazing Spiderman #8."

2 -- Everyone likes the Ryan budget!

3 -- "Ohmigod! I can so relate to life being a senseless and continuous existential crisis!"

4 -- Taylor likes to vacation in Las Vegas in 1952, for no reason at all!

5 -- "And how many of you gals desperately crave the security of marriage and children?"

6 -- Taylor's new geometry, based on skew lines intersecting at infinite points, has rattled the Euclideans but good!

7 -- "And I also have a new algebra, based -- not on x and y ! -- but on Stashu and Konrad, the Polish bumpkins!"

8 -- "Gluttony. Sloth. Submitting your ridiculous SXSW expenses for reimbursement. Jeez, there's seven deadly sins?"

9 -- Levitation is always politely applauded!

10 -- "Is that... like... a balloon?"

11 -- Now that the gay agenda has won, it's sort of unseemly to rub it in.

12 -- "Framed would never editorialize within the context of a caption and refer to the new Stooges' album as 'pointless,' 'flawed,' and 'so-so.' Get it straight, sister!"