Taylor Swift, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

We featured Taylor Swift in Framed a few months ago -- heck, everyone likes Taylor Swift, and she's been our featured artist scads of times! --  but, imagine our surprise when we received a letter from Taylor Swift a week or so later.

Not an e-mail... an actual letter!  A hand-written letter!  Wow!

Here's how it went:

*     *     *

Dear Framed:

I laughed and laughed at your new blog.  Like all musicians, I think being in Framed is a big deal.  You are so funny!

No, I'm not related to Tom Swift!  But what a funny idea!  My mom thought so, too!  :)  We all laughed!

And now you've got me talking in "Swiftisms."  That is so funny!  All my friends think so, too!

I have a new video coming out soon called "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," and I hope you will use it in your blog!  'Cause that would be so cool!  It's not a Kelly Clarkson song, even though it sounds like it is.   I hope you'll put it in Framed because that would be the best!  It's a funny video, I should mention that!

Your biggest fan,



*     *     *



Taylor, it's always great to hear from you, and we're glad you enjoy the whimsy that is Framed.  Your new song is the #1 tune in the country -- as it should be, we hasten to add -- so seeing it in Framed this week is no surprise at all!

Hope you like it, and tell your mom we said hi, OK?

1 --  We built this city!  We built this city on inoffensive commercial teen/pop!

2 --  "I did know there was a Bluebird of Happiness!  I just didn't know there was a Bluebird of Unspeakable Apocalyptic Horror!"

3 --  "C'mon, Taylor, you can totally afford implants."

4 --  "There is a Star Man waiting in the sky!  There has to be!"

5 --  Super Furry Animals' threat to occupy every Taylor video was far from idle!

6 --  Now that there's television, in-home entertainment is theoretically possible!

7 --  "What we have in common?  Well, we don't know bleep about wallpaper!"

8 --  "Now to call 1946!"

9 --  "Then, it's true, doc?  Dating only girls with ridiculously oversized glasses is a disturbing and incurable personality disorder?"

10 --  "You expect it to move, too?  Hell, I made it out of cardboard."

11 --  "Let's go make out by Chachi's grave!"

12 --  "Yeah, well, if you want to see Mr. Rainbow Sock Donkey again, you'll listen up, pal."