Taylor Swift ’100% Sure’ Her Collab With LL Cool J Won’t Be Nominated At 2013 Grammys Nominees Concert

Wendy Geller
Stop The Presses!

Okay, okay. So we know that Taylor Swift is not exactly the most proficient beatboxer out there--as evidenced in February of this year with 2012 Grammy host LL Cool J, in which he nearly fell down laughing at her game, uh, lame, attempts to scratch and click.

Swift is older and wiser--and has yet more awards under her belt-- 10 months later, but no matter how accomplished, she still can't beatbox her way out of a...box. Like, ever.

Proof? The opening scene at the 2013 Grammys Nominees Concert. Watch for yourselves and judge whether Swift has grown in the craft. "This is going to be terrible," she said to LL, "I'm only doing this for you." To be fair, rap legend LL Cool J. doesn't exactly shine in his role as pop star singing Swift's hit "Mean," either. "I can't sing, so we're even," he admitted to Swift.  All in good fun, right?

Swift herself admitted she's not exactly in LL's league--or he in hers--by quipping, "One hundred percent sure we won't be we won't be nominated for that collaboration." True dat, but hey. At least it was entertaining.

Fan response on Twitter was mixed, with some feeling Swift's attempts were adorable--"This is why I love her," enthused one--and some thinking she fell a little flat. "Taylor Swift is trying to beatbox wow it really is the end of the world," mused another.

The 2013 Grammys Nominees Concert was aired live December 5 from Nashville's Bridgestone Arena on CBS. The show highlights the potential winners for the upcoming 55th Grammy Awards, which will take place February 10, 2013.

Taylor Swift had at least one R&B fan:


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