Can’t Be Tamed: Miley’s New Video Gets Parodied by Pooches

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses! (NEW)

In one of the more awesome things to happen to the Interweb in, oh, EVER, Miley Cyrus's controversial "We Can't Stop" video has gotten a cuddlier, kid-friendlier makeover, thanks to The Pet Collective and a cast of adorable (if rebellious) furry friends.

In the parody video "We Can Bark," Maltey Cyrus and her unleashed pack of party pooches prove they can get just as crunk as Miley's human entourage. They too play with skulls out made of food, wolf down hundred-dollar-bill sandwiches, wear ginormous sunglasses, and strap teddy bears to their backs. The only difference? They bark instead of twerk.

"La da dee da dee/We're little doggies/Dancing with Maltese/Laying wherever we please/This is our crate, this is our bowl, this is our food/And we can bark," Maltey Cyrus sings, creating the ultimate anthem for can't-be-tamed, outside-the-crate puppies everywhere.

So who sang it best: Miley or Maltey? Paws up if you think Maltey totally won this.

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