SXSW '14 Tweetcap: Goosebumps for Spandau Ballet, Shimmies for Vintage Trouble

Tiffany Lee
Maximum Performance

We're well into this year's trek through South by Southwest '14, and Austin is reeling from the tragic incident on Wednesday night that killed 2 and injured 23. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all those affected as the music that the victims have come to enjoy continues to fill the Texas streets in their memory.

Yahoo Music brought some exciting guests to Yahoo HQ at Brazos Hall today, including some acoustic sessions from the re-united Spandau Ballet and blues rock babies Vintage Trouble, plus more from our on-the-ground reporters Lyndsey Parker, Billy Johnson Jr. and Paul Rosales. Will the ever-lovable and ever-elusive Dave DiMartino join the online conversation? Then again, why break his mystique?

And be sure to tune in to Yahoo's live stream of the legendary Blondie, performing exclusively for us at 10pm PT tonight!

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