SXSW '14 Tweetcap: Blondie, Gary Clark Jr. and Janelle Monae Go Off, Gaga Goes Cuckoo

Tiffany Lee
Maximum Performance

Another day, another insane lineup of incredible artists crammed into one town. What more can you ask for?

It was a stellar evening for the purple people as Yahoo hosted none other than the venerable new wave icons Blondie for an exclusive SXSW show and live stream with the Smithsonian Channel. All the while, another superstar blonde in music was getting rotated on a spit and vomited on (no joke). But acts like Gary Clark Jr. and Janelle Monae and more stuck to their guns with fantastic music and incredible live performances.

Take a look at what Yahoo editors Lyndsey Parker, Billy Johnson Jr. and Paul Rosales got up to and be sure to follow them for more #SXSW updates.

Yahoo Music writer Laura Ferreiro was scouring the SXSW landscape as well! #rawk





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And last but not least, this snap of Debbie Harry wearing a purple goatee before Blondie's show Wednesday night?? #blushing #purplelove

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