Suntan Songs

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Are you ready for summer yet? Will you be working on a tan?

After all, a suntan is something that just goes with summer and the coconut smell of suntan oil will always remind me of summers spent on the beach. Musicians have penned a few songs about the suntan, whether to take a stab at a perceived vanity, or to comment on the perceived attractiveness of a  tan.

And for those of us who actually live in a part of the world that has seasons it's almost time to get out in the sun. I'm all for the great outdoors, but I do not get the whole sun worship thing. Too much sun is bad for you! Especially young people. I think if you asked any melanoma patient, they would gladly give up the bronzed skin of their youth in a heartbeat, if they only had a chance. So make sure you stay safe in the sun this summer! It's not a joke, the risks are real, so protect yourself!

This playlist features suntan-focused songs, and I think you'll find it a pretty interesting listen. Sometimes a random subject like this can help you find some great new music. This playlist did that for me.

Suntan Songs

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