Summer Surfing Songs

Robert of the Radish
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Who doesn't love summer, especially if you're young. Once school is out, you can hit the beach and enjoy life without a care in the world.

Rock music agrees with me. You can find more songs that sing the praises of summer more than the other three seasons combined. And when it comes to summer sports, none has had an impact on the music scene as much as surfing has. In fact, it's the only sport I can think of that has its own genre: surf music.

As the summer of 2013 approaches, I thought I would revisit some of my favorite popular rock songs about surfing. While many of the songs in this playlist are considered "surf music", many are not. But they all understand the pull of a carefree and subdued surf culture. It's a culture that will always be attached at the hip with music in one form or another.

Will you be surfing this summer?

If so, what will be on your playlist?

Summer Surfing Songs

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