Stranded Passengers Go R. Kelly in Quest to ‘Fly’ and Other In-Flight Hits & Misses

Craig Rosen
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Passengers stuck for hours on a plane on a Las Vegas runway went all R. Kelly the other day in their attempt to provide themselves with some pre-in-flight entertainment. No, they didn't urinate on each other, although that might have helped them cope with the 100-plus degree temperatures. Instead, they broke into song, singing Kelly's monster hit "I Believe I Can Fly."

Actually, this phenomenon seems to be gaining traction. Just a few days earlier, while passengers were stuck on a plane in Beijing, members of the Philadelphia Orchestra busted out their instruments for an impromptu performance.

Of course, passengers making their own in-flight entertainment is nothing new. (Mile-high club, anyone?) But some travelers are turning their on-board distractions into a more communal event.

Who could forget the Colorado College students' "Harlem Shake" on a plane over President's Day weekend? It's enough to make Samuel L. Jackson yell, "Enough is enough, I've had enough of this motherf--king Harlem Shake on the motherf--king plane!"

And then last summer the USA Olympic Swim Team went all Carly Rae Jepsen with their lip-synched video of "Call Me Maybe" that includes some memorable scenes on a plane.

Still, others prefer solo performances, including the woman last month who was kicked off a flight for singing "I Will Always Love You" on repeat.

Or the streaker that livened things up for the trapped and bored journalists that were being held hostage on Rihanna's ill-fated 777 tour plane last fall.

And there's also been a few instances of actual performers taking in-flight entertainment to a new level. Check out Kanye West rocking the in-flight mic with "Gold Digger" on a Delta Flight back in 2010.

What's your favorite in-flight performance?

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