Stop! Gangnamtime. MC Hammer Bumrushes PSY’s AMAs Performance

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

When it was announced that K-pop YouTube sensation PSY would be performing at the 40th annual American Music Awards this year with a very special "international superstar" guest, fans' imaginations immediately lurched into overdrive. Who would it be? Madonna? Nah--she'd already joined PSY onstage recently, at Madison Square Garden. Lady Gaga? Nope, she was on tour in South America. Rihanna? No, she was far away in Berlin, on her "777 Tour."

So who, then?

It was...MC Hammer. Yes, MC Hammer. The guy who kind of was the PSY of the late '80s/early '90s, come to think of it.

Depending on whether you're old enough to fondly remember the days when the harem-pants'd Oakland rapper was still too legit to quit, MC Hammer's unbilled cameo during PSY's "Gangnam Style" performance, in the final minutes of Sunday's AMAs, was either totally awesome, or just totally confusing. But it certainly was a surprise--except maybe for the 1.3 million or so PSY followers on Twitter who'd seen the viral star excitedly tweet "#Hammertime" several times throughout the evening, long before his show-closing performance.

And this isn't the last we will see of this "Gangnam Style"/"2 Legit 2 Quit" mashup madness. A clip of Hammer dancing to their recorded collaboration just went up on PSY's YouTube channel (see the video below), and the mashup is already available for sale on iTunes. So it looks like it will be Hammertime for PSY for a good long time.

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