Step Aside, Justin Bieber! Star's Mom Shows Legit Singing Chops

Suzy Byrne
Yahoo Music

Justin Bieber may soon have some competition for studio time.

Early Friday morning, the 19-year-old "Bad Day" singer posted an Instagram video of his mother, Pattie Mallette, showing off her vocal chops —and, while we only saw few seconds of her musical offerings, she was actually pretty good.

It all started with this tweet, which Bieber blasted out to his nearly 50 million followers, presumably from his new Atlanta rental home, which is owned by music producer Dallas Austin. In it, he hinted that it took a little persuading to get the 37-year-old in front of the mic. But Beliebers seemed to like what they saw — the video itself had 405,000 likes in just two hours and "Pattie" was soon trending on Twitter.

Mallette was in a celebratory mood after her performance:

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Bieber also posted a photo of them together — in which they are adorably smiling at each other — on his Shots account. It's the first time they've been spotted together in the last few months, during which he's made headlines for his arrests.

The song actually came from Bieber himself, "The Insider With Yahoo" has learned. He wrote it for his mom as a Christmas gift. He then brought her into the studio to record it, and he sang on it as well, making it a family affair.

While Mallette is known for being part of her son's inner circle and traveling with him — though less so over the last year, during which he's found himself in heaps of trouble — she actually had singing ambitions of her own before becoming a teen mom. Growing up in Stratford, Ontario, she loved both acting and singing, and, when she was 9, appeared on TV shows including "Romper Room" and "Big Top Talent."

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"I loved to sing," she wrote in her New York Times best-seller, "Nowhere but Up." "All through middle school and high school, I took every drama and choir class that was offered. I was in the school choir every year and had major roles in almost every school play. … Throughout elementary and junior high school, I filled up my bedroom with awards from singing and acting competitions."

She was accepted by an acting agency in Toronto, but the hour-and-a-half drive was too far for her mother to travel on the weekends. "I was devastated," Mallette wrote. "It was the one chance I'd had to hone something I was actually really good at. My dreams were crushed."

Entertaining was the bright spot in Mallette's otherwise tumultuous childhood, during which she suffered sexual abuse. And, after having her hopes crushed, she started experimenting with drugs by the age of 14 and, at 17, she gave birth to Justin. She went on to raise him as a single mom — she never married his father, Jeremy Bieber — having up to four part-time jobs to put food on the table, she has said.

With Bieber nearly 20, Mallette's role in his everyday life has minimized. (When he purchased his home in Calabasas, California — where a lot of his headline-making shenanigans occurred, including egg-gate — she said she wasn't invited to move in with him, and moved into her own place about 20 minutes away. She also has been "genuinely concerned" about his behavior, according to a report.) That gives her time to pursue some of her own passions that may have evaded her in her young years.

Perhaps performing will be one of them.