Steel Pulse Wants You to Put Your Hoodie on for Trayvon

Craig Rosen
Stop The Presses! (NEW)

Veteran reggae band Steel Pulse is offering a free stream and download of its new song "Put Your Hoodies on (4 Trayvon)" in memory of the unarmed teen who was killed by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman.

On Saturday, a Florida jury found Zimmerman not guilty of Trayvon Martin's murder.

Steel Pulse frontman David "Dread" Hinds, who wrote the song, said it's "a plea for justice." In a statement, Hinds said the band has been following the case since Feb. 26, 2012, the day Martin was murdered.

"The fact is that an innocent teenager is dead, shot by a man who was playing vigilante — pursuing the teenager around the neighborhood despite being advised against it by the authorities. This could well end up as the day justice was killed once again in a Jim Crow," he added. "We sensed the result, but despite the outcome of the trial, the truth remains the truth, and the ghost of justice will haunt this town of Sanford, Florida — forever.”

The song contains the lyrics: "I’m speaking out to all / There’s something we can do / To tip the scales of justice / Of the flag red, white and blue / No way we’ll shut our mouths /Won’t let this thing lie down / This act of homicide / That night in Sanford town."

Aside from downloading and sharing the track, Hinds is asking fans to sign the NAACP petition requesting that the Department of Justice investigate the case and to donate to the Trayvon Martin Foundation.

Steel Pulse launches its next set of live dates on Aug. 16 at the Del Mar, Calif. Race Track.

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