Stanley Hudson From ‘The Office’ Satirized LMFAO

Daniel Kreps
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Leslie David Baker is well known as stoic sales rep and crossword junkie Stanley Hudson on 'The Office," but in addition to working at Dundler Mifflin, the actor also apparently has some pop music aspirations. Or maybe this is just a Funny or Die skit or an "Office" DVD exclusive. Despite looking and sounding like a more rotund version of Barry White, Baker plays "Black Hugh Hefner" -- seriously, that's what he's called in the credits -- in "2 Be Simple." He gallivants around his mansion, always surrounded by Playmates, as his many party guests enjoy the pool and play beer pong. Baker teamed up with something called N.U.M. for the video, and the results are YouTube gold.

The music video itself is as if LMFAO and 3OH!3's mindless and neon-colored electro-pop community decided to hang out with Rebecca Black on "Friday," as envisioned by the grumpy dude from 'The Office'. (Baker is also the executive producer of "2 Be Simple.") If this video is a parody of that electro scene, it's excellently done, and this must be satire: Those two guys who look and rap like LMFAO are actually listed as "LMFAO #1" and "LMFAO #2," even though they aren't the "Party Rock" group.

It's hard to imagine listening to this song voluntarily without the music video, but the track is available over on iTunes. Sadly, "2 Be Simple" is probably the funniest thing to happen to "The Office" since the Michael Scott era. That show minus Steve Carell is about as good as Pink Floyd without Roger Waters.

Stanley definitely gives Subtle Sexuality a run for their money: