Spotify Big Green Bus Tour Diary #3

Spotify Staff
The New Now

Las Vegas, San Diego, and Los Angeles - the Spotify on Tour Big Green Bus continues to make its way across the US. Catch up here on all the action from the road and our recent stops at FILTER Magazine's Culture Collide, Eagle Rock Music Festival, Neon Reverb, and more!

 Spotify on Tour, proudly sponsored by BACARDí, traveled back for a week on the West Coast - First stop, Las Vegas. Where the Big Green Bus was seen all along the infamous Strip, stopping off at Bally's for a night of BACARDí-fueled fun and powering the music and the BACARDí bar for Neon Reverb's multi-venue music fest.

Next the Bus headed back down to California, to Los Angeles and San Diego, where it stopped by two festivals--FILTER Magazine's Culture Collide and the Eagle Rock Music Festival, and met up with several artists including Ed Sheeran, Tegan and Sara, The Chevin, and Electric Guest, for a series of intimate sessions.

Follow the Tour and find out where the Big Green Bus is headed next -